Renaissance Press Photogravure


Copper Plate Photogravure with Chine Collé


2.  Cheap Multi Color LED Safelight  / Task Lamps.   There now many dimmable outdoor led multicolor flood lights that simply plug in and can be used as color tuned and dimmable safelights for your process.  An added bonus is that changing the color of the light can increase the contrast of your materials for easy viewing and problem solving.  ie change the color to blue and gravure tissue almost disappears.  Change it to red and you will see thing you can not with white light.  Do a search.  They are easy to find.

3.  Single Acid Etch   No humidity control.  Reduced drying time.

4.  Rare and still relative information about copper plate photogravure technique.  Downloadable as PDF’s

  1. A Rationale for Gravure Etching and “Systematized Single-Acid Etching” by Harry Baskerville. Published by McGraw Colorgraph Company, Division of Carnation Company
  2. Single Acid Etching, by Henry Baskerville. Published by McGraw Colorgraph Company, Burbank, CA.
  3. Autotype Product Data, G25, G25J & G25S Gravure Pitment Tissues. Carbon Tissue.
  4. Photogravure Variables - Autotype (28 graphs)
  5. Notes on the Rotary Photogravure Process by Herbert Mills Cartwright. Published by The Autotype Company LTD.

5.  Kokak #1 Densitometer.  It won’t break the bank.  They are often available on Ebay.