Renaissance Press Photogravure

Photogravure Plate Making and Printing

Paul Taylor began working with photogravure in 1980.  He studied photogravure and interned with Professor Jon Craig at the University of Connecticut, Stoors, Connecticut.  Paul conducted extensive research while a graduate student at The Rhode Island School of Design and continues to research, innovate and refine his work with the process. Renaissance Press takes pride in creating plates and prints for artists, photographers and print publishers that are unique to the vision of our clients.

Clients are welcome to come to the studio and work with Paul during platemaking, proofing, and printing.  There is an 18th century farmhouse attached to the studio that is available to artists in residence.

 Studio Rate and Fees:

Thanks to advances in digital technology and continued efforts to refine and hone the platemaking process it is now possible for us to produce more plates in less time than was previously possible.  These innovations have allowed us to often double our platemaking productivity and success rate.  

Plate making and printing is billed at an hourly rate of 150.00 per hour.  A day includes a well planned and organized 8 hour work day.  Additional costs include a 125.00 per day studio fee that includes soft materials and studio expenses.   Copper, paper, and gravure tissue are billed separately.


Contact Information

Paul Taylor
Ashuelot, NH 03441
tel. (603) 239-9990

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