Renaissance Press Photogravure

June 2012

Huge Palladium / Platinum Prints

After an intensive rebuild of the studio we are now making beautiful 40 x 60 inch platinum / palladium prints with gum overlays.  We are not able to show the artists work at this time.  The paper for the prints are custom made and hand crafted by Dieu Donne in NYC.  The paper is a blend of abaca and cotton.  The oiliness of the abaca fiber does not allow the metal to “sink” into the fibers deeply creating incredibly rich and luminous prints.  The paper is prepped for printing by calendering to the desired smoothness using an etching press followed by a delicate gelatin sizing.   The film is created using the standard Piezography K7 Selenium Glossy Inkset.  A full tutorial for using the Piezography K7 Selenium ink set will be posted on the site shortly.  For information on custom printing please see the contract work section of the site.

Fall Platinum Printing and PhotoPolymer Gravure workshops will be listed shortly