Renaissance Press Photogravure

Workshop Overview

Renaissance Press workshops are taught by Paul Taylor, Director of Renaissance Press. Taylor’s work with photography and printmaking spans over thirty years of intensive research, art-making, innovation, teaching, and collaborations with artists. Taylor has taught in both the printmaking and photography departments at The Rhode Island School of Design. His courses have included Photogravure, Photopolymer, and Hybrid Printmaking in the Printmaking Department and Antique and Alternative Processes in the Photography Department. Renaissance Press has had over 20 national and international solo shows. Renaissance Press prints are in numerous national and international museum, corporate and private collections.

NEW!!!  During a 2016 copper plate gravure workshop I developed a technique for making copper photogravure plates in a fraction of the time without humidity control and with a single acid etch!  The prints from this simplified method are incredibly smooth and dimensional.  

kwangtae-familyKwangtae, Soyoung and Jared

 The workshops take place at Renaissance Press in Ashuelot, New Hampshire.  Renaissance Press is located on the bank of the Ashuelot River and is a 25 minutes drive to Keene, New Hampshire or Brattleboro, Vermont.  The studio is housed in a renovated early 1800’s barn.  The darkroom, digital media and print area boast well maintained state of the art equipment.  On the left column of this page is a “Hospitality” link that will direct you to information about travel, restaurants, accomodations and other area points of interest.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

Participants should expect intensive days in a relaxed environment.  Handouts detailing all aspects of the workshops that Taylor teaches will be provided.  Post workshop consultation and assistance is readily available. Taylor strives to make the information both comprehensive and clearly intelligible.  The workshops are suitable for both novices and advanced practitioners.  Taylor spent years perfecting the digital film linearization method he will teach during workshops.  This unique approach will enable participants to create film positives and negatives for any contact print process you may want to use in the future!  With a little practice custom profiles can be made is an little as 15 minutes.  It is not rocket science.  The profiles you will learn to craft take into account your process, paper, chemistry, environment, equipment, and much more.  No canned profiles can do this.  As a master printer I would likely change occupations if I were told that I had to work with a limited range of papers or procedures to coincide with specific printer profiles and inks. With the information provided you will be able to create beautiful prints on papers ranging from newsprint to beautiful hand and machine made tissues and papers.  

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Requirements:  A laptop computer with Light Room, Photoshop, or a similar photo editing program installed, a thumb drive, and basic photo editing skills.  Participants interested in with working with cliché verre imagery are welcome to join the workshop, and no computer knowledge or equipment is necessary.