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1.  Chine Collé with airbrush.

  2.   Single Acid Etch with Dragon Tissue and  42 Baume  Hunts Blue label Roto Gravure Iron 

I developed this method during a workshop demonstration.  I was stunned that this worked and have been using this method with consistantly wonderful results ever since.

  • Create film profile limited to a maximum density of 1.6
  • Print a digital 21 step tablet on film of choice
  • Dragon Tissue senistized in  4% potassium dichromate solution @ 33 f > 1.5 minutes tray sensitizing
  • Equal aquatint and tone exposures
  • 33 - 40 degree laydown water > transfer tissue to copper as quickly as possible
  • 30 second drying time after transfer 
  • 115 degree development water >  3.5 minutes to peeling
  • 5-7 minutes after tissue peeling = full development
  • 75% Isopropyl Alcohol bath for 2 minutes
  • Drying Time =15 minutes toom temperature > mask edges and back > 20 minutes on 120 f hot plate > lay plate on cardboard to cool
  • Etch to conclusion as soon as plate has cooled to room temperature.  
  • Proof
  • If you do not have separation in all steps increase both the aquatint and tone exposures
  • If your test does not have enough contrast decrease both aquatint and tone exposures
  • Create a process adjustment Cuve using printed 21 step table
  • Repeat with film created with your profile and curve