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Renaissance Press

Established 1987

Renaissance Press is a collaborative fine arts atelier.  Director Paul Taylor has spent the last thirty+ years studying art, making art, and researching a wide variety of photographic and printmaking techniques.  The projects created at Renaissance Press are done in direct collaboration with the artists.  Paul learned many years ago that there is no right way, preferred methods, or other technical strictures that can be allowed to come between the artist and the making of art.  Fluidity of process, chance, experimentation, and doing things the wrong way often create insights and possibilities that would otherwise not be possible.

There is no program at Renaissance Press with regards to how the studio runs.  There are periods of collaborations and the publication of prints with invited artists. Collaborations happen when they are a good fit.  At times a year can go by with out a new publication.  At other times simultaneous events are in progress at the same time.  There are periods that Paul devotes to his own art making and research.  Artists and publishers often come and work with the studio on a contractual basis creating prints and editions that are not Renaissance Press publishing projects.  

Renaissance Press is housed in a renovated historic barn on the bank of the Ashuelot River in Ashuelot, New Hampshire.  The space includes a daylight shooting studio, printmaking area, darkroom, and a dedicated digital studio.   The shooting studio is equipped with strobe equipment and numerous cameras from 35mm up to a 12 x 15 wet plate camera.  In addition to the artists published by Renaissance Press the studio offers contract photogravure and photopolymer plate making, printing, and steel plating services. 

Private tutorials in photogravure, photopolymer, and platinum / palladium are offered through out the year.  Group workshops are offered during the summer.    Director, Paul Taylor is available for university, atelier, or private workshops at the atelier or on location at the artist’s location.


Tom Baril checking a photogravure.
Tom Baril checking a photogravure.
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Contact Information

Paul Taylor
Ashuelot, NH 03441
tel. (603) 239-9990